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Arboreko deals with production of massive panels of beech, oak, fir and spruce, as well as production of pellet and briquette. As one of the largest producers of pellet and briquettes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has a great advantage compared to other producers. Since it obtains raw materials from the Fagus Group members, it has a controlled quality of incoming raw materials, which enables them to produce high-quality pellet, which has been recognized, amongst the first, with ENplus A1 and A2 Certificates.

Modern equipment, the best measuring instruments for daily product control, controlled quality of incoming raw materials and regular deliveries are all advantages of this member.

The quality of Arboreko pellet and briquette has been recognized by numerous buyers from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, as a great majority of our products is exported to those markets.


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Address: Cara Dušana bb, 78 220 Kotor Varoš , Republika Srpska/BiH
Telephone: +387 51 783 439
Fax: +387 51 783 293
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