Fagus group

Ever since its establishment, the company has developed, grown, learned and invested into improvements of business operations and processes. Today, the company employs about 400 motivated professionals. Successful business operations are implemented with effective approach to work and continual improvement of knowledge and skills, in order to achieve a highly competent, capable, efficient and motivated company staff.


Miroslav Malijevic gd

Miroslav Malijević
General manager




Mladen Malijević - menadžer Abisa

Mladen Malijević
Manager, Abis

Stojan Kalabić - menadžer Silvatike

Stojan Kalabić
Manager, Silvatika



Mildin Tepić - menadžer Nomara

Miladin Tepić
Manager, Nomar

Radislav Čupić - menadžer Vrbanja šuma

Radislav Čupić
Manager, Vrbanja šume

Branislav Kršić - menadžer Arboreka

Branislav Kršić
Manager, Arboreko


Slobodan Bunić - menadžer FAGUShaus-a

Slobodan Bunić
Manager, FAGUSHaus

Goran Periz - menadžer Hajdučkih voda

Goran Periz
Manager, Hajdučke vode

Aleksandar Malijević - menadžer Bor Petrola

Aleksandar Malijević
Manager, Bor Petrol