Company members


Abis was the first sawmill from which the present Fagus Group started developing. Continuing the 90 years’ long family tradition of wood processing, Abis got specialised for the primary and secondary processing of fir and spruce wood into sawn and dried timber of all dimensions and classes.

The features of this member are huge sawing capacities of fir and spruce wood and modern automated drying facilities. The product they are exceptionally proud of is euro block. When cutting lamellas, spots on wood elements are laser-detected by an error inspector.

Detected errors are cut out of lamellas, thereby rejecting all the irregularities found. Short spotless pieces are finger-jointed together lengthwise, after which they are sanded and pressed into 3-layer blocks.

By producing euro block we prove that the natural anomalies of materials, such as in wood, can be avoided, practically obtaining spotless wood.

The majority of their production is exported to Austria, Italy, Greece and Croatia.

The wood quality assortment of this member has been confirmed by the FSC Certificate.


Address: Maslovare bb 78224, Kotor Varoš, Republika Srpska, BiH
Telephone: +387 51 760 011
Fax: + 387 51 760 195
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