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Sawn timber Silvatika

Within the Fagus Group, three members deal with the primary and secondary wood processing and production of sawn and dried conifer and deciduous tree timber of all dimensions and classes. We produce sawn timber from fir, spruce, pine, beech and oak coming from the western parts of Republika Srpska and BiH, with a high quality tradition. The climate of this area is of ideal conditions for growth of good-quality trees of supreme technical and technological characteristics. Since we have operated as a Group, responsible for the environment we work in.

Silvatika is one of the Fagus Group members that deals with the primary and secondary processing of deciduous trees. We produce sawn beech timber by applying the modern Weinig technology in standard dimensions and particularly by customer’s demands. After sawing, we do steaming and drying of timber. The steaming process is done in specialised chambers, controlling the inflow of steam quantity and temperature level. Drying is done in pre-drying facilities, drying facilities as well as using natural drying. Our drying capacities consist of 6 chambers of 500 m3 capacity.
After the drying process is complete, sawn timber is further processed into elementsand packed.

We have on offer:

  • Fresh timber in all dimensions
  • Steamed timber of different treatment degrees
  • Mildly steamed up to 12 hours
  • Medium steamed up to 24 hours
  • Fully steamed up to 48 hours, and also by customer requests and desires
  • Dried with different moisture degrees
  • Dried timber with moisture content of 10%±2%
  • Partially dried timber with moisture content of 16-20%and by customer requests.

In addition to sawn timber, we produce fresh, freshly steamed and dried beech elements of I and III class. Beech elements are produced in standard dimensions as well as by desires and requests of our customers. Our elements are used for the production of:

  • Parquets
  • Prefinished solid strip flooring
  • Massive wood panels
  • Unique furniture and briquettes, across the globe

Elements are hard-packed or using small boards, depending on customer needs. The main features of our beech elements are high quality, precise dimensions and high utilisation degree.
The quality of our elements is confirmed by the FSC Certificate.


Address: Šiprage bb 78 224, Kotor Varoš, Republika Srpska, BiH
Telephone: +387 51 765 006
Fax: + 387 51 765 007