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Bor Petrol

Bor Petrol is a newly organised modern business centre, offering a large number of good-quality services and products. Verified quality of goods and services, wide and diverse offer, kindness and professionalism of the staff are the leading factors of success of this member. Bor Petrol consists of the following:

  • Petrol station
  • Automobile shop
  • Café
  • Stop shop
  • Self-service car wash
  • Car service
  • Wheel alignment,
  • Technical inspection of motor vehicles and automobile liability insurance.

Good supply with all the types of engine fuel, European quality fuel and a good price and quality ratio are the reasons why Bor Petrol stands out from the other neighbouring petrol stations.


Address: Cara Dušana bb, 78 220 Kotor Varoš, Republika Srpska/BiH
Telephone/Fax: +387 51 785 621
+387 51 785 622
+387 51 785 414