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Pellet and briquette


Arborekohas produced supreme quality pellet and briquette ever since its establishing in 2009. As a FAGUS Group member, the quality of products is achieved using natural materials, special production technologies and controlled quality of raw materials.

Arboreko pellets are high-quality pellet with a high caloric power and a very small ash contents. They are 100% produced from fir wood, by applying special technologies of the latest generation. The pallets are packed into bags of 15 kg and 1,000 kg. We have two types of pellet on offer, meeting the ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 standard.

Parameter (unit)ENplus A1ENplus A2
Fir wood share100 %100 %
Heating value5,1 kWh/kg5,1 kWh/kg
Ash contents (% of mass)< 0,7 %< 1,2 %
Pellet moisture content< 8 %< 8 %
Bulk density650 kg/m3650 kg/m3


We produce two types of briquettes – with a hole and without it, containing 50% beech and 50% fir. They are good for usage in all types of furnaces, fireplaces and grills, requiring achievement of high combustion temperatures. Arboreko briquettes burn evenly with low quantity of smoke and without floating ash particles – producing 10 times lower amount of ashes than coal.

Technical characteristics of our briquette are:

  • Diameter 90 mm
  • Length 260 mm
  • Moisture 9.02 %
  • Ash contents1.40 %
  • Heating value of 4.9 kWh/kg
  • Density 1,150 kg/m3

Arborekopellet and briquette are exported throughout Europe.


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