The FAGUS Group awarded a recognition for a quarter of a century of succssful business

Priznanje grupaciji Fagus.
  • Post published:23.01.2023.

At the event of „Election of the Most Successful Business in Republika Srpska for 2017”, organised by the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce on 28 March 2018, the FAGUS Group was awarded a prize in the category of special recognitions for successful organisation of the Group and development of new production programs. The recognition was received by Miroslav Malijević, its co-owner and General Manager.

The core business activity of the Group, which has operated for more than a quarter of a century, is production of windows and doors, pellet and briquette as well as wood processing; the hotel „Hajdučke Vode” is also in its ownership. Eight companies operate successfully within the Fagus Group, with six of them doing business in the wood processing sector.

Annually, this Group processes about 150,000 m3 of different assortments and its portfolio has been on the increase on a daily basis. The products are sold on the global markets and the Fagus Group also makes a significant share in the total economy by its strategic approach to work, human resources, marketing, technological development and investments.

This recognition is a good incentive to continue doing better and improving our businesses in order to increase our scope of production, employ new employees and keep our customers satisfied.